How to maintain a hydraulic bending machine

Heavy industrial machines will give many years of faultless service if they are properly maintained. There is always a temptation to cut down to save costs, but this would be a huge mistake. A breakdown could put your machine out of action for a significant period of time, so there are no cost-cutting measures to be found here.

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How often should bending machines be serviced?

There are small things you can do routinely to maintain your bending machine, on a daily and weekly basis, then there are some important parts to maintain on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis. Keeping to a strict maintenance regime should ensure that it breezes through its annual service. It is a good idea to draw up a tick-list of what needs to be done over these four timelines.

The maintenance timetable

Daily checks include the lubrication and cooling systems, which should be checked while the power is on. If the machine is turned on, but the power light is off, turn off immediately and call a mechanical engineer. On a weekly basis, check removable parts and clear out iron filings, then clean the machine externally. The monthly check includes the power supply, switches and wiring. The air dryer should be removed, cleaned and reassembled. You may include a quarterly service, which is optional but well recommended. At this stage check the press brake tool body and the hydraulic and spindle lubricant systems, making sure it is thoroughly cleaned and the hydraulic oil replaced. In preparation for the yearly inspection, your half-yearly service will include the spindle lubrication system, as well as the x-axis and the hydraulics. Remember; all services should include a thorough clean and a lubricant change where necessary.

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Reputable suppliers of Euromac bending machines will not only sell you a new or completely refurbished machine but will also provide a comprehensive service agreement, with additional bespoke services as an option.

Automation magazine has produced a useful guide on the importance of machine maintenance and a review of the costs involved in not adhering to a maintenance regime –

You will have invested both time and cost in the bending machine you chose, so it follows that you will want to make the relatively small investment in looking after it. This will ensure that it gives you many years of good quality service.