How to Help Your Kids Plan for Life After College

If you thought that you were done with all the heavy lifting once your child graduated from high school and got into college, then you’re forgetting that you still need to help them with finding a real job! If they don’t know what they’re doing, then you could end up taking care of them for a lot longer than you ever thought. Here is how to help your kids plan for life after college.

Help with a Resume

One of the most important things that your kid will need to take care of once they finish college is finding a job. If they don’t quickly find a job once they graduate, or ideally before they graduate, then there’s a good chance that they could be back at home with you indefinitely. To avoid this, you should teach your child how to write an impressive resume and help them work on their cover letter, too. They should know that they always need to tailor their cover letters for each job that they apply to, and if they are applying for jobs in multiple industries, then they will need to have multiple resumes.

Advise Them to Develop Relationships with Their Professors

If your child is in their senior year of college and they still haven’t developed any relationships with their professors, then you want to advise them to start reaching out. The truth of the matter is the students who really make a point of connecting with their professors are the ones that find jobs the fastest. This is because they have great references and letters of recommendation, and oftentimes, their professors will even introduce them to their future bosses.

Show Them how to Effectively Search for Jobs

Finding a job when you are in high school or college at a local cafe or clothing boutique is a lot different than starting a career once you complete your bachelor’s degree. If your child is looking for a serious job after college, then they are going to need to know how to find the kind of jobs that lead to fulfilling careers. Things may have changed quite a bit since you were looking for your first job, back before students earned a bachelor’s degree from an online program like GWU Online, but many things remain the same. Show them how to find jobs that will be meaningful to them – jobs that will really help them to blossom and continue learning outside of the classroom.

Go Shopping for an Interview Outfit

Once your child starts sending resumes out, they will hopefully start to hear back from employers and be invited to interview for different jobs. This is when they really need to know how to present themselves. If they don’t have professional attire, you may need to help them out with buying a suit or other kinds of nice, business professional work clothes. You can practice interviewing them and help them with answering questions without stuttering, mumbling or losing eye contact. Teach them how to be cool, calm and collected. And remind them that they need to show up early with a hard copy of their resume and cover letter on hand.