How to Create Effective Flyers With AIDA

AIDA is an acronym often used in publicity and marketing in order to create more effective marketing materials. You can use the concept of AIDA when you are designing a flyer or leaflet, in order to create a piece of marketing collateral that will really benefit your business.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It is worth focusing on these different aspects when designing a flyer so that you end up with something that people take notice of, and which really benefits your business, raises your presence, or increases sales. Here are the aspects of AIDA that you can work on to build an effective flyer.

A for Attention

Also A is for Awareness. Grabbing attention is vital. People who are given a flyer in the street will take one glance at it, and in a few seconds decide whether they will read more or throw it away. You have just a few seconds to make an impact. You need to attract the attention of your audience. Make them aware of what you want to say on your leaflet. Pay careful attention to the headline and the main image as these will be the first things people see.

Be careful that the overall quality of the flyer and the paper is good. This creates a favourable impression without people even looking at the words and the images. People tend to associate thin paper and poor quality printing with a poor quality company, so use the best printing companies and printing services you can find for your flyer printing as this really does make a difference.

I for Interest

Once someone is looking at your leaflet, raise their interest by demonstrating the features of your product or service, and the benefits. Tell people why your service, event, or product is interesting. Think about your USP and what will appeal best to your audience.

D for Desire

Once you have their attention and their interest, focus on making what you offer attractive to your audience. Your flyer should demonstrate why they need what you are offering to improve their lives or solve a problem. “We sell organic food” is not as effective as the message “we sell organic food that will help you live a healthier life and make your mealtimes easier.”

A for Action

What do you want customers to do? Come into your store for a special discount? Come to an opening night event? Look online for more details? Sign up for a promotion? Add an effective call to action to your flyer and you will convert more interest into sales.