How to Boost Your Online Performance with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an effective tool provided by Google to help websites owners get an understanding of how their website is performing on Google Search. It is a very important that website owners consider using it, especially if they are interested in growing their online presence and audience.

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Some of the ways Google Analytics can help your business include:

1. Identifying Your Audience

Google Analytics can help you to identify your audience. You are able to see users’ location, age, gender, interests, how they got to your website and even which keywords they may have used. When you are able to identify your audience and what they need, you can provide the type of content that would keep them returning and also attract others with similar wants, thus increasing your website traffic.

2. Identifying How People Find You

You are able to identify the keywords people are using to find their way to your website. With this information, you can focus on providing more content around those and associated keywords.

3. Identifying Weak Areas

Google Analytics can help you to find areas of weakness on your website. You could see how people move through your website and where they drop off, which pages are visited more and which are not. You could also see your website’s bounce rate – you may get many visitors, but maybe they do not stick around or maybe they do. If your visitors are not staying to explore your website, you could take steps to provide more engaging content – maybe with the help of a specialist in WordPress web design in London such as

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4. Identifying Social Media Traffic

Google Analytics shows the volume of traffic you receive from the various social media platforms. This could help you to determine which platform to focus your promotional efforts on, so if Instagram is doing really well in terms of traffic – and especially if you are putting in comparable time and effort in the other platforms – then it would be worthwhile to focus more on Instagram, for example.

5. Identifying Your Growth

With Google Analytics you are able to track your website’s performance – you could see areas where you have achieved growth and areas that are relatively weaker. Using this and the other information, you could plan ahead.