How do You Know When You Have a Quality Piece of Engineered Hardwood?

When shopping around for floors there’s one thing you can be certain of – there is a lot of variety to choose from. This can make choosing quite a difficult task, however, as with everything, there are both good and bad examples of engineered wood flooring available on the market, and this guide is aimed at helping you to understand what makes a quality piece of engineered hardwood.

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It’s All Wood

High quality engineered wood flooring will be made entirely out of real wood, from its core to the outer layers. Great engineered wood will also feel strong and sturdy and have at least a 3mm thick top layer. Although this may mean your flooring is slightly more expensive to purchase, it will ensure that your flooring will be durable, even in the busiest parts of your home.

It’s All About Layers

We all know that more isn’t always more, but in the case of engineered wood flooring, the more layers the better, as the layers are what gives each piece its strength and durability.

Quality Materials

Although not as expensive as solid wood flooring, the quality should still be there. Oak engineered flooring such as that provided by will ensure the floor stands the test of time. There are other types of wood available including walnut, maple and ash, all of which will give a different feel depending on your personal taste.

What Lies Beneath

Although not something you’ll see, the quality of the material underneath the top hardwood layer is equally as important. Look for styles with a multi-laminate hardwood ply, as this will ensure your floor retains its stability and strength.

Engineered wood floors can instantly add elegance and character to your home, without breaking the bank. As this Which? article explains, engineered wood floors that click together are simple to fit, which means that you won’t have to wait very long to start enjoying your brand new floor.

Its natural properties means its affected by climate changes much less than solid wood flooring is, and is also much easier to install and maintain. With so many sizes, colours, tones and finishes available to choose from, there’s a variety of engineered wood flooring to suit every interior aesthetic and style.