Home Help of the Robot Kind

If you could have your very own personal robot what would you want it to do? In the past this has always been a complete fantasy but as technology advances at an incredible pace, having our very own robots may not be too far off in the future. This will raise interesting questions about what a robot should or shouldn’t do and how much power should we hand over to an automated being. But while we are still some way off from having individual home robots, we can still daydream about all those menial tasks we’d be happy to pass on to a robot.

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Probably the first thing on many people’s wish lists would be household chores and cleaning. There are some people who enjoy cleaning but most of us would rather decline and so passing this task to a robot would be a huge benefit. Vacuuming, dusting, laundry and washing dishes are all jobs that I’m sure we’d be glad to see the back of. This would also include window cleaning, picking up after children, cleaning toilets and the ability to carry out small DIY repair jobs. Already, the technology is available for our homes to be responsive to our needs. For a Home Automation Installer, visit http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/.

Gardening is enjoyed by many but for those who find it a tiresome chore could use a robot to keep lawns trim and hedges pruned. Sweeping the path, killing weeds and general light garden maintenance would be really helpful – especially in rental properties where such things often get overlooked.

When children are asked about having a robot, top of their priorities is a robot that could do all their homework for them. Whilst this wouldn’t do their learning much good, imagine how handy it would be to have a robot that could offer advice and factual information, pick you up on spelling or grammar errors and generally act like a personal tutor. Maybe teenagers would be better at revision if they had a ‘buddy’ to offer guidance whenever they needed it.

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Cooking is another area that some people might want the help of a robotic chef. Imagine the ease of being provided with recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to cook something. There may even be the possibility of a robot that does the cooking for you but if you prefer a more hands on approach then a robochef would be very helpful indeed. If the robot was able to compile information about things that you were running out of and add them to a shopping list, it could then order groceries for you to save you the time.

Others have less functional ideas about what a robot should do which includes the ability to massage feet and provide different types of head, back and neck massages after a hard day at work. Wouldn’t it be great if a robot assistant put the heating on, started dinner and ran you a bath all by the time you came home from work? The only downside to having all these things done for us is that we would probably be expected to stay longer at work!