Have a December wedding for these reasons

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special, and for most people, that means having it in the height of summer, but a winter wedding can bring its own, special delights and there are many benefits too.

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Keeping the cost down

According to Brides Magazine, the average cost of a wedding now tops £30,000, so one great reason to have a winter wedding is that it can cost less, as demand is lower. A wedding venue, for example, will also cost less if you’re happy to book a mid-week date.

As well as the actual wedding itself, you will also find that many long-haul honeymoon destinations will cost less in December than they do in July and August.

The only difference you might find is it’s a little colder and darker earlier.  This is ok though because with the money you save you could hire Lighting Specialists from sites such as encapsulite.co.uk who can make sure your special day can be seen by everyone.

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Putting your own stamp on it

A winter wedding will give you the opportunity to do something slightly different than the norm and put your own stamp on proceedings, whether through your outfits or mode of transport. Think about adding deep, rich colours to your scheme and warm wraps or jackets in luxurious faux fur or velvet.

The winter season can also provide a very romantic backdrop to proceedings, with a sprinkling of snow or frost, and darker afternoons that can be lit with roaring fires and twinkling lights. A Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue nestled between the Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds can provide the perfect setting. If you do feel you need a bit of sunshine, you can always get that on your honeymoon. Talking of sunshine, another benefit of a winter wedding is that you aren’t constantly worried about the weather, you already know it’s not going to be a blazing hot summer’s day.

You will have the opportunity to choose something a little different, food-wise too. In the winter, warming, rich stews or a traditional roast can replace the buffet or barbeque of a summer wedding.

So, why not consider a winter wedding. Aside from the reduced costs, there are so many reasons why the coldest season of the year can provide you with a real opportunity to create a magical wedding day.