Five makeup products for a natural look

The natural look is back and more and more women are wanting to achieve a healthy glow by wearing minimal makeup which is easy and quick to apply.

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For many, concealer is the most important product in their makeup bag. Good for covering a multitude of sins including dark circles, imperfections and blemishes, this really is a must-have. In order to avoid a heavily made-up look, go for a light cream and not a thick consistency and check you are using the right colour for your skin tone. If you’re not sure, most skincare retailers will be able to help you and have skin tone charts to help find your perfect match.


Face powder is brilliant for keeping your make up looking fresh all day. In the summer months, faces can get hot and look shiny, but a quick top up with powder can keep the skin looking flawless. Many powders contain added ingredients to help keep your skin healthy, so it is always worth investing in a good quality product.

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Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows have been the centre of attention in recent years and have been plucked to oblivion, painted on and even tattooed on, but now the natural brow is back. Use a pencil to enhance the colour and shape of your brow which will keep your brows looking perfectly groomed all day long.

It’s not just makeup that’s becoming more natural in colour, some of the new fashion trends are inspired by shades instead of bold colours –


Modern mascaras have a whole host of beneficial ingredients to help nourish the lashes, as well as making your eyes look and feel great. If you are wanting the natural look, go for a thinner brush in a natural lash colour. You can always add an additional layer if going out in the evening and you want a slightly more made-up look. Retailers such as have a variety of Benefit cosmetics to choose from and have some great online offers.


Whatever look you want, lipstick is the finishing touch and getting the colour right can be as important as choosing the right outfit. Modern lipsticks won’t dry your lips out and are enhanced with a variety of moisturisers and oils to keep your lips feeling moisturised all day long.