Finding the Best Branch of Engineering for You

If you are looking at a career in engineering then you will be well aware that there are numerous different branches of it that you can enter into and during your education you will be required to specialize in one. Naturally, as your career progresses you can traverse across different branches and become an expert in more than one, in the beginning however, it is important that you set your sites on just one field of engineering that you wish to work in. Once you have decided upon your field of expertise then you can start steering your education and your personal learning towards it which will pay great dividends in the future, here are some of the branches that you could choose from.

Large Scale Construction

Engineers who work in large scale construction need to be dedicated and driven towards completing huge projects in line with strict deadlines, you must have deep understanding of costings, geography, environmental effects and of course, smart design. Construction, especially large scale, is a great launchpad to explore many other areas of engineering in the future. For example, Anura Perera Raycom’s Chairman began his career in this field of engineering working for Caterpillar, from there his career took him through shipbuilding engineering and then he launched Raycom, his aerospace firm that has brought him great success and now he is not only an expert engineer but a wealthy businessman. A career in construction can give you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of great people like Anura.

Software Engineering

This fast growing branch of engineering is perfect for you if you know your way around computer systems, you will be working at the forefront of technology, creating and designing solutions and innovating ideas for business and the public alike. Computing has dramatically change din the last 30 years and as such, software must keep up with technological advancements, to succeed in this industry you need to not only be inventive, but to constantly have an eye on how the industry is moving.

Chemical Engineering

For those of you who excel in the sciences, chemical engineering could be for you, this branch of engineering uses all aspects of science and maths to work with, produce and utilize chemicals to create new products or solutions. Within chemical engineering you could be working directly with chemicals or on the machinery that can transport or harness the power of raw chemicals. Chemical engineers are responsible for the creation of new chemicals, medicines and fuels that help in our daily lives and it is an incredibly technical and specialized form of engineering. To succeed in this form of engineering you need to not only be incredibly knowledgeable about all of the sciences but also keep up to date with the changes in the industry, new chemicals, materials and methods are being found all the time and, in order to become an expert in this field, you will constantly be studying the industry.

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