Failsafe gift giving ideas this Christmas

How many times have you found yourself flummoxed when faced with buying a gift for someone, and can’t think of a single thing they want or need? Here are a few ideas that take the burden away from choosing a gift.

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This is the ideal gift for someone who has a hobby or is always stealing your magazines. Buy a year’s subscription to a magazine that they’ll love, and your stash will be safe for at least a year.

Green-fingered friends

The best present for an eco-conscious green-fingered friend is one that will keep growing. Buy a sapling or a plant that you know they will love or cherish. If they don’t have a garden, why not sponsor tree-planting through a charitable foundation on their behalf?

Personalise it

Nothing says thoughtfulness more than receiving a gift with your name on it. The possibilities are endless, from cushions, bath towels, and books to a cushioned lap tray. Check the internet for sites that sell personalised gifts such as

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A classy present

Know someone who would love to learn a new skill? Do they want to learn how to bake or have they always expressed an interest in learning how to make cocktails? Why not treat them to classes?

Handmade goodies

If you were sent on a chocolate-making course last year and want to demonstrate your skills or are very handy with a pottery wheel, why not make a home-made gift? This will be impressive and touching for the grateful recipient. It’s not ideal for last-minute ideas but edible gifts are always popular.

If you aren’t handy yourself, you can source hand-made gifts from NGOs to help support communities in developing countries. Check with charities to see what’s on offer.


Do you know someone who is starting university or is moving to a new house soon? Why not buy them a voucher for a shop from which they are likely to buy the items they need? It’s sensible and will be well received.

Give to charity

For the people in your life who want nothing and have everything they need, donating to charity is the best option for all concerned. Agree in advance that instead of buying presents you will donate to a charity that is close to your hearts.