Double Glazing: Custom, Sound, Price and Renovation

Excellent thermal and sound insulation, double glazing has gradually become a must for doors and windows. Here is our guide on double glazing, its price, its custom sizes and how to renovate it.

In Landon, 99% of the windows are equipped with double glazing. Composed of two superimposed windows with an air space between them, known as an “air blade”, this category of glazing provides excellent thermal and acoustic comfort. A quality that allows everyone to save on heating bills. Because if 15% of energy losses are due to windows, with good double glazing, they are largely limited.

Of course, there are different types of double glazing that respond to a particular demand, such as ensuring good acoustic insulation, limiting break-ins or reducing energy costs. How to choose a double glazing to meet your needs? What is the price of this type of window? How to renovate its old double glazing? answers all your questions.

Double glazed windows

Although all double-glazing systems are based on the same principle, there are currently four types of double glazing:

  1. The classic double glazing which, as its name suggests, is a basic double glazing. You will find it in the formats “4/12/4” or “4/16/4” (the windows are 4mm thick, the airspace 12 or 16mm). This first model reduces energy losses by about 40% compared to simple glazing.
  2. With a reinforced insulating power, double-paned glass with argon is the second type of double glazing. In this model, argon, an inert gas, replaces the air present between the two panes to increase the insulating power.
  3. Even more insulating, double glazing with reinforced insulation uses a film of metallic oxides to cover one of the panes and allows to gain up to 50% more energy than with conventional double glazing.
  4. The anti-intrusion double glazing, made up of several sheets of break-in film, does not increase the insulation much more, but it guarantees resistance to break-ins.

Custom-made double glazing is also defined by the possibility of adapting it to any window format. Veranda, bay window, roof window, round, square or rectangular … Double glazing can be installed everywhere, but it is necessary to go through specialized companies to find its happiness.

Good choice of double glazing

It has the advantage of being an excellent thermal insulator like phonic and can make you benefit from a tax credit. The double glazing has become essential by contributing to the improvement of our comfort but also to that of the environment.

Price of double glazing


For double glazing alone (window excluded), count from 150 €/m2 for a double-glazing classic. The price goes to around 200 €/m2 for a low-emission double glazing (with argon blade). Same price for burglary. For a reinforced model, prices exceed 250 €/m2. To help you choose it, it is important to pay attention to 4 criteria:

The coefficient U: Indicates the thermal insulation of the glazing (a low coefficient U indicates a high thermal performance).

Solar Factor (FS): Measures the amount of solar energy passing through the glass. Allowing more sunshine in the winter allows savings, but increases the heat in the summer.

Light Transmission (TL): It informs you about the amount of light. The higher it is, the better the thermal insulation.

Light reflection (RL): Indicates the ability of a glazing to reflect light. The stronger the index, the more difficult it will be to observe the inside of a dwelling from the outside.

Double glazing renovation

The first generation of double glazing came in the 1970s. One of its main goals to reduce the cold wall effect. After a few decades, you can imagine that the double-glazing models are more efficient. The quantity of gas contained between the glass walls is, for example, much greater today. If you have a single glazing, the door of the double glazing is not closed to you. There is double glazing renovation which allows converting a single window in double glazing. This operation can be carried out without demolding. In other words, the residual mastic and glass remain in the rebate. As part of a renovation, switching to double glazing has become a standard that has replaced the simple glazing.

In addition, when one lives in a city, near a road or a boulevard, it is difficult to escape from traffic noise. The double glazing is a good solution to reduce the nuisances noise and to assure an acoustic comfort to the daily.