Does your business need an accountant?

Unless your business is accountancy, chances are after starting up, you’re struggling to make sense of managing your books. You’re probably doing an excellent job, despite your misgivings. However, what if your business grows, as you want it to of course? At what stage do you ask yourself, do I need an accountant? At what point does ‘doing the books’ become a task outside your expertise and knowledge? Here are some signs to look out for that suggest it is time for some help:

When your tax gets too complicated

Running a business can mean that tax gets complicated fairly soon. Why deal with the headache yourself? Hiring an accountant or using outsourced accounting services can save you a lot of time and energy. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that everything is being done correctly, should you ever get audited. For more information, visit

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When you want to hire staff

Growth that results in needing more staff is a good thing, however the accounting that goes with it can be complicated. Accounting services can help with this. They can show you what the processes look like when it comes to hiring, payroll and associated costs. They will also help with navigating the tax obligations of payroll and all associated legal necessities that would be a minefield if you were to attempt this alone.

Developing a successful business plan

If you have created a business plan to take your business to the next level, one of the biggest elements of this plan will be the financial details, such as whether you’re taking on investors or partners for example. Accountancy services can help you develop a strategy, offer advice on all aspects of your finances including cash flow, pricing and inventory management. They can help to show you the best moves to make to take your business forward.

Should you need a business loan

Often a business will need a short-term injection of cash to help aid growth. This is where having an accountant can make all the difference. From assisting with the paperwork to offering reassurance to the bank, it will be good to have someone in your corner. An accountant will also be able to offer advice as to which type of loan is right for your business.

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Having access to accountancy services will help you to run your business more efficiently and effectively. They can offer advice at every stage, assisting you through the often-tough times that new businesses face in today’s competitive market. The benefits of this assistance far outweigh any of the associated costs, particularly when it comes to tricky issues of payroll and tax regulations.