DIY v professional website: the advantages and disadvantages

When you need a new website, do you do it yourself or bring in a professional?

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Do it yourself website design

Is it possible to develop a professional and effective new website with free web design templates and a bit of googling?

There are plenty of free services and expert knowhow shared online these days, and it is possible to teach yourself some website design skills. But do you trust that you’d be able to learn quickly enough to make the time and effort you have spent pay off, with a website that you’re impressed with and which works well for your customers? Might you end up asking the professionals to redo your site, and would it be better to invest in a professional from the start?

Professional website design

Entrepreneur Magazine outlines some web design tricks to grow your business exponentially, and a professional website design agency will be able to help you identify which of these are the most relevant for you to pursue and then implement them flawlessly.

Agencies such as Etempa (, who offer web design in Yorkshire, will obviously cost more than a DIY approach, so what return do you get for your investment?

Usability and user experience is the first invaluable benefit professional web designers will bring.

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Search engine optimisation is another important factor that professional web designers will consider throughout the development of a new website.

Compatibility and optimisation of your site for multiple devices is another essential aspect of a professionally designed website.

Testing is a key part of a professional web designer’s process, and the website that they develop should work efficiently across different website platforms and perform against key goals you’ve set for your site.

Professional web designers understand the importance of how your website looks and also how it performs. They will design all features and functionality to best direct visitors to take the action you want them to take and make them more likely to return in the future.

You may think that since your new website needs to represent you and your business, that you are perfectly suited to designing that website. However, working with a professional web designer will bring the most important parts of your vision to life in the most efficient way.