Digital marketing trends for 2019

What new technologies, customer demands and design developments are affecting the digital marketing industry and what will be the trends for 2019?

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Here are the key ideas and opportunities industry experts say all clients should know about.

The only thing about marketing that is constant, it’s that it always changes. With new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, natural language processing, voice and facial recognition becoming mainstream, it can feel as if marketers are always playing catch up.

Privacy stays

Data protection remains an essential basis for all businesses to establish a strong relationship with their customers. Since GDPR in May 2018 transparency in how you collect, store and use customer data is vital. Any breach would see your customers move elsewhere.


Use your data smarty to personalise, target and remember customers and give them the optimum user experience. Expect to see more contextual targeting and to build a network of trusted partners to get the data you need in the right way.

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In 2019 put your customer front and centre in your data strategies and plan how you can focus on an individual across many interactions instead of on separate, disjointed channels.

AI and machine learning will help any organisation, from lawyers to retailers, interrogate and utilise customer data better according to Econsultancy.

Customer capital

Brands want to know the value of their online social networks and how their social capital can make an impact on their audience. They will need to remain authentic and intriguing to keep customers loyal and continually engaging with their brand, with payback bringing interactions with a wider group of potential customers via these influencers.

With the help of an agency such as HTP Digital which specialises in digital marketing Manchester and surrounds, you can use the strength of your community and turn your superfans into micro-influencers.

Technology consolidates

With many marketing technologies evolving nobody wants to end up with multiple platforms for a multitude of specific uses – consolidation or martech will make things easier to use and bring cost benefits.

With these digital marketing trends, 2019 should be a year of digital transformation for your business. To take advantage of these trends you’ll need to be highly disciplined and methodical in your execution, or work with the right partners.