Different types of roofing materials

Whether you are building a new property or want to replace the existing roof, the materials you choose can make all the difference. The roof is one of the most dominant features of the property, taking up to 20-30% of the exterior look. The planning stage is very important to get the right look and the roofing materials that are the most durable and effective. The main materials used in the UK are slate, concrete and clay tiles.


This is a pricey option for roof coverings and will probably only be considered where there is a historical reason for using it – as in the Cotswolds or the Pennines. Sedimentary rock will separate naturally into thinner sections, similar to slate. They make a good roofing material, heavy and strong, but they require a steep pitch and most likely, roofing specialists to install.

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This is a very popular material for roofing, available in a variety of tile styles. The tiles mainly give greater waterproofing qualities. They can be used in shallow-pitched roofs, are economically viable and offer good, safe repairs. There are a wide variety of finishes, textures and colours to choose from, including vintage looks. Whatever material your roof is made from, consider Flat Roof Repair Bristol at a site like Bristol Flat roof repair from Aquagard.

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Slate is popular in the UK because of its natural abundance. It is easily divided to form thin sections perfect for tiling. To make them water-tight, they must be strictly overlapped and laid on battens above the underlay.