Dedicated Campervan Facilities by Exmouth Town Council

The issue of campervans has been a subject of debate recently at Exmouth Town Council. The good news is that the council wants campervans to visit. However, there have been complaints that campervans have taken up too many prime parking spaces on the seafront.

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Better Facilities

The council, with the assistance of a working group consulting with officers and councillors from the county and the district, has come up with ideas that should make almost everyone happy. Campervans would have restrictions on where and when they could park on Queen’s Drive along the seafront, and in return they would have access to other facilities. Campervans had been noticed taking up positions on the waterfront for days or even weeks, making it difficult for other visitors to find suitable parking.

Exmouth Council plans to make up to a hundred parking bays available for campervans around the town, grouped in different areas. These bays would have access to electricity, water for drinking and sewage facilities. There would also be amenities for recycling and getting rid of waste, which should make staying there more convenient and enjoyable.

Win-Win Solution

Improved amenities will be welcomed by those travelling in campervans. The dedicated parking bays will be available for stays of up to three days, which is suitable for those travelling from other parts of the country and all kinds of campervans, including Welsh coast campers. Locals could possibly get season tickets if they have nowhere to park their campervans at home.  They could make their van when they are staying for longer than just one night with a selection of Buggy Whips.  These are visible in the day and night so great for visibility.  Companies like wisuk sell buggy whips if you want to look through some different options.

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Campervan holidays have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. According to this report from The Telegraph, this type of holiday has become rather trendy. This type of vacation also gives people greater flexibility to take their time and enjoy whatever the road presents.

If you are feeling inspired to find out more about Welsh coast campers, then there are experts who can give you suggestions and helpful advice. It would be a good idea to do some research online to find out more about Welsh Coast Campers.

There is much to see in the UK, and campervans are a great way to go exploring. As more and more people start travelling in this way, more facilities will become available. And for some people, this may be the only way they want to travel in the future.