Considering a wet room?

Are you considering updating your bathroom? Is it looking a little dated or worn out? Perhaps you’ve heard about the popularity of wet rooms and wonder if they are right for you. Here are some of the advantages of having a wet room, along with some tips on design. Wet rooms are becoming increasingly desirable, and they are a simple and effective way to add value to your home.

Can anyone install a wet room?

It should be possible in theory. A wet room is really just a shower room that gets rid of the need for a screen, curtain or tray. The shower instead sits in a fully tiled and specially designed shower room. Should you have only a small sized bathroom, you will probably still need to install a shower screen to prevent the rest of the room getting sprayed.

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Water drainage

Wet room installation is a job for professionals, as gradients need to be made along the floor to distribute the water into proper drainage and then the whole room needs to be waterproofed. For a Builders Bishops Stortford specialising in bathrooms, visit

The most common method for creating a gradient is to install sub-flooring made from WBP Ply (a type of plywood), which is then tiled over.

Another method is to install a pre-made sloped shower former (similar to an oversized shower tray), that is then covered in tiles.

A further process is to use a custom-made floor in a non-porous material which slopes toward the drain and can be deployed across the floor without the need for more tiling.


Wet room waterproofing involves priming the floor, the bottom of the wall and the entire area of ​​the walls in the bathroom and then covering them with a thick, sticky membrane. Once it is set, then the room can be tiled.

It is also necessary to raise the doorway of the bathroom around 5mm from the floor in case of spillover of water. This will keep the water contained where it should be.

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The advantages of a wet room

A super-stylish wet room is perfect for creating a contemporary look.

As a secondary bathroom, a wet room can significantly increase the value of your property.

Great for small bathrooms – removing the burden of having a bath creates more space.

Wet rooms, in general, are easier to clean. No extra parts to clean such as screens or trays and if you choose the option of a wall-hanging sink and toilet, it becomes easier still.

If it is done correctly, your floor (that lies slightly below the tiling ) is better protected than it would be in a standard bathroom.