Beautiful Handwriting Available Through Online Shopping

Handwriting is an art form and not just in ancient China. Most people admire clear and precise handwriting as a sign of a well-rounded and educated person, but how many of us actually like their penmanship? Here is the secret to leaving the perfect trace on paper.

The Beauty Of Handwriting

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. The word itself comes from ancient Greek and means literally beautiful writing. Before the advent of the printing press, all texts had to be handwritten by the author or copied laboriously by scribes. To improve readability, regularity and clarity were highly valued so that all writers aspired to the same, even style of harmonious and skillful writing.

Today nearly all of our written communications are either in printed or electronic format. Not many people nowadays are accustomed to using fountain pens UK citizens especially. However, handwriting as a form of communication with oneself and other people is still an important skill. Personal letters, notes to family members and close friends, birthday cards and invitations all become more personal and loving when written by hand. Also, it helps when you can still read your shopping list or lecture notes written a month ago! Finding the right writing tool for your hand such as fountain pens UK made or produced elsewhere is essential.

Fountain Pens Are Back In Fashion

Start by using a good pen to improve your handwriting. Firstly, a good fountain or ballpoint pen will be much heavier than your average biro and therefore rest much better in your hand. The extra weight means you can relax the muscles in your hand much more because you do not have to grip the pen as hard. This will immediately improve your handwriting. Additionally, a good pen will deliver ink very smoothly through a precisely engineered tip. Again this means less pressure is needed on the pen to create a flowing trace on paper resulting in more harmonious lettering. Of course, it is also important to practice with your own pen and to use it as often as possible. Most people who own fountain pens guard them jealously and do not lend them to other people. A pen adapts slowly but surely to how its owner uses it. Letting someone else use your pen will disrupt the established connection between hand, pen, and writing. However, fountain pens make great and very personal gifts. If someone keeps wanting to use yours why not give one away as a present at the next occasion?

Beautiful handwriting is a matter of using a good pen, preferably a fountain pen with ink cartridges and plenty of practice. Most importantly, you need to enjoy the process of putting pen to paper, which is easier when you develop confidence in your style of handwriting. Investing in a pen that appeals to your personal aesthetics is a good way to get started.