Any excuse to cuddle your kitten

Kittens are just as energetic and maybe a little bit more mischievous than our own children. But their boundless energy and desire to bond with you means you needs to make sure that you give them plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Play time is a great way to bond with a kitten and help them learn vital skills and to understand that they can trust you. By giving them as much attention as you can at a young age, you can help them to grow into happy, sociable and healthy adult cats. This is important for their lives in general and also if they are going to be staying in a Cheltenham Cattery whilst you are away.

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Before you decide to take on a kitten or maybe two you should make sure that you have the time to help them settle into their new surroundings, litter train them and to give them all the attention and cuddles that they need. You should also ensure that you have the right food for them, many brands offer a kitten only food which has all of the added nutrients that your little feline needs to grow and develop. It is also worth looking around you house to see what items you have that may be tempting for a little one to play with and where possible put these away or keep your eye on them. Kittens are big fans of curtains n particular and their dare devil attitude means they will climb to the top of the curtains before they realise how high up, they then. Then inevitably they will call for you to come and rescue them.

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There are numerous ways in which you can interact and play with your kitten and lots of toys on the market. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Toy on a string – this can be any toy from a mouse to a ball of string. The appeal is that the toy can be dragged along the floor and dangled in the air for your kitten to grab hold of. You will find that they chase run and jump after it much like they would do in the wild whilst shading their prey.
  • Hide and seek – take one or a few of their favourite toys and hiding them underneath a towel or a blanket can be great fun. You can slowly move the blanket around and wait for your little one to pounce.
  • Chase – watch your kitten chase around after a ball or toy, stalk it and then roll around on the floor with it for what seems like hours on end.