An Introduction to the Role of Motivational Speaker

A motivational or inspirational speaker is exactly what it sounds like. It’s someone who delivers a speech intended to motivate an audience and to rouse an emotive connection with them.

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Generally, motivational speakers are experts in specific fields or have completed amazing feats and are sharing their story or knowledge in a highly relatable way. The intention of a speaker is to encourage an audience to see things from a different perspective and to become more cognisant of their abilities and talents.

More Than Just Talk

A motivational speaker aims to engage with an audience and provide them with food for thought that will lead to the making a change on an emotional, physical, psychological or even professional level. Different speakers target different end-goals, but the main aim is the same: to inspire people enough to face challenges, hone their talents and make a difference.

Some speakers may draw from their own experiences, such as, or a World Record that they broke, while others draw inspiration from serious life event or a study that has impacted them profoundly. Depending on what the speaker specialises in, they may speak at schools universities, businesses or conferences.

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Defining a Target

While inspirational speakers work hard to appeal to a broad audience and make an impact, their job takes time, practice and patience, and they need to know the secrets of really connecting with those who are listening.

Often these speakers can be divided into categories, depending on what they talk about and who the target audience are. There are speakers who focus on personal development, those who can motivate and inspire businessmen, and those who appeal to young people and can be a kind of mentor. There are also those that focus more on building community spirit and unification, and these speakers may appeal to everyone from local communities to sports teams. As you can imagine, some of these categories can merge, but in some cases a speaker may only really be able to reach a niche audience, and this is where they can be used to their full effect.

This type of public speaking is something that requires passion, effort and dedication, and while not everyone is a natural, you can learn the skills needed to give a talk that motivates and inspires.