An Introduction to Drupal 8

Ground-up web design is still possible and used in many cases, but the vast majority of sites these days use some sort of CMS, or Content Management System, to lay the groundwork. This cuts back on the time taken to deploy a new site.

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There are, however, a huge number of CMS solutions to choose from, ranging from WordPress to Magento to Drupal 8. How can you choose the right one?

In general, each CMS will offer advantages and disadvantages over others, so which one you should pick depends on what you are building. Here are some of the advantages Drupal 8 offers.

Drupal 8 Makes Authoring Easy

For those of you who are not working with a Drupal design agency, Drupal offers a large number of features to help bring your site online as quickly as possible.

These features include a strong WYSIWYG editor, CKEditor, which comes bundled with the Drupal 8 core. This allows content creators to edit text on the site with ease. To enhance this, Drupal 8 introduces a new theming engine, Twig, which brings a new air of simplicity and ease of use to PHP templating.

Drupal 8 automates JavaScript testing and has built-in configuration management, further increasing the speed with which content can be authored or edited.

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Drupal 8 Employs the Latest Technology

Drupal 8 uses up-to-date industry standard technology, providing a feature-rich and secure environment even if you haven’t had your Drupal design by Website Express.

Drupal 8 employs HTML5 natively and has incorporated Views as part of its core, giving content creators the ability to generate galleries, maps, and menus with ease.

Drupal 8 has also built in many common web services, including the ability to output JSON or XML data, as well as incorporating Hypertext Application Language to facilitate the use of other web services.

Drupal 8 is Built for the Digital World

With mobile web access having surpassed desktop access in 2016 and the trend only continuing in the direction of mobile, web sites need to be mobile-friendly.

Drupal 8 takes this to heart, being designed with mobile in mind. All of the built-in Drupal 8 themes are mobile friendly, including administrator access pages, and elements generated through Drupal will automatically fit to any screen size.

Drupal 8 offers speed, security, and a real focus on how customers use the web.