A twist Interior design

We all know that the way choose to decorate our homes says a lot about who are and the same can be said of offices too. The structure, layout and décor of an office will speak volumes about the company and those who work there. With competition fierce for hiring top graduates and retaining the best candidates, some companies are going the extra mile to make sure that their office space is ergonomic, attractive and technological advanced.

Some of the most impressive offices in the world demonstrate innovative thinking by including things like rooftop gardens, nap corners and multi-coloured conference rooms. Ideas for design are more and more geared towards the working practices of the individual and not simply viewing all workers as little ants in a production line. Customization can also be about taking your company’s ethos and incorporating that into the design of office space too.  It’s very clever as the rooms are often easier to clean and organise but are often wider and more roomy.  If your a business finding that your work force have such little time to keep their spaces tidy and clean that  Cleaning in Leicester from Ace Cleaning Company could come and help you keep these areas looking professional for you who are a Cleaning Company Leicester way.

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Airbnb’s offices aim to take to you to each one of their listings without having to leave the office. Each room is decorated to resemble a destination such as Shanghai or Mumbai and is a great example of incorporating the company’s function into the interior design.

The offices of iheartmedia in the U.S look like something from a sci-fi movie. Shades of grey feature heavily but with sudden bright pods of colour in contrast in completely free standing conference rooms. Most of the desks are open planned but there are private pods for meetings.

One office space in Russia has mini-offices separated by sliding doors off a main corridor but a common space full of bean bag chairs offering a free space for impromptu meetings and hanging out.Atlas Holdings have a very peculiar office indeed with what looks like a floating conference room. This financial company certainly wanted the ‘wow’ factor and has a long list of people waiting in the room. Maybe floating above everyone else truly inspires some ‘blue sky thinking’.

Convert, an Italian clothing company decided that an abandoned cinema would be ideal to house offices, a warehouse and a store. The vaulted space didn’t go to waste as the company also built a massive indoor skate bowl that sits suspended in mid-air.

My personal favourite is Corus Quay in Toronto that features a five storey building with a three storey slide inside, large lounge area and a vertical garden!