8 classic home heating mistakes to avoid

Eliminate errors in warming your home to save money and create a more comfortable environment. The right action could mean reduced bills and energy savings. There are many options that are friendly to the environment, but a lot can be achieved by making the most of what you have.

8 classic home heating mistakes to avoid

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1. Neglecting the hardware

It makes sense to give your system an overhaul by a professional before winter to make sure it is operating as it should.

2. Impatience

Don’t crank up the thermostat really high when entering your home. It may initially feel slightly chilly, but turning the temperature up excessively won’t heat an area faster, and it may just damage your wallet. A programmable thermostat could help you get heat when you need it.

3. Allowing fireplaces to stay open

Warm air rises and cold air descends, so don’t let your cosy atmosphere disappear up the flue. Fireplaces generally give poor returns in warming homes. According to The Guardian, 90 per cent of the heat generated in a fireplace goes straight up the chimney. Aluminium radiators, for example, do the job much more effectively.

4. Not insulating windows

There are many cost-effective methods to insulate windows. Sealing windows with caulk can be one of the simplest ways, eliminating gaps and ensuring heating is more contained. The BBC also puts insulation high on the list to conserve home energy.

5. Ignoring window dressings

It sounds basic, but closing blinds and curtains will keep heat in.

6. Space heaters

These use more electricity than you think and won’t save you money. If it’s not warm enough, it is probably more worthwhile to look at modern central heating solutions such as those to be found at http://apolloradiators.co.uk/View/3/52/129/category/modena/modena-horizontal-.

7. Too much heat while sleeping

Lower temperatures are required at night, especially when the household is warm in bed.

8. Closing vents may cause imbalance

Surprisingly, it is better to keep vents open, even in rooms that aren’t used often. Closed vents won’t actually make much difference in saving money and can cause your system to be less effective.

Heating your home can be responsible for a large portion of energy bills – up to 16 per cent – so it is worthwhile to take steps to control waste.