5 Tips to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

There are many benefits to having a home that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly; it saves you money, and it means you are doing your bit on saving the planet. With the issues of climate change and it’s negative effects on our planet, switching to renewable and green energy is certainly the way forward. You may recycle and vow to use less water, but is your home energy efficient?  According to this, it is said that in 2019, 35.8% of the UK’s electricity sources use renewable energy. If you are keen to do your part for the planet, here are 5 tips to make your home eco-friendly.

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Switch to a Green Energy Supplier

Switching to a green energy supplier is a great way to make your home eco-friendly; it uses renewable energy power sources from wind turbines, hydroelectricity, biomass, green gases, and solar panels – the energy from these will then be stored to provide thousands of homes with green energy. By using these, you are helping reduce the amount of fossil fuels being released into the atmosphere.

Renewable Energy 

You could fit solar panels on your roof to provide you with green renewable energy; this saves you money, and it also ensures that you are using sustainable energy. Solar panels are easy and cheap to install, and also require minimal upkeep costs. You can even gain money back from having solar panels because green energy companies will credit you back money from the energy that you have stored. 

Install a Smart Meter 

When it comes to reducing your energy usage, smart meters are a great way for household owners to keep an eye on how much energy they are using; smart Meters are cheap to buy and easy to install, so if you want to reduce your energy costs and bills, then you will want to get a smart meter. It also means that you can get a more accurate meter reading without energy workers coming to your house to read it for you.

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Change your Doors and Windows 

If you have windows that gather condensation or doors that have little cracks in it, then these will cause your home to be less energy efficient. If your home is cold during the winter months, and you have the heater blaring, it is possibly time to think about getting new doors and windows; double glazed windows will really keep you warm during the winter months, which in the long run will save you money on your heating bills. If the doors to your garden need an update, you might want to consider Bifold doors; these are thermally efficient which means the heat will stay in your home nicely, and they are also very strong and secure. If you’re interested in having these doors fitted, Click here to look at a huge range of bifold doors from the bifold shop.

Use Energy Saving Lights 

Buying LED bulbs are normally more expensive but will typically last longer than a standard lightbulb; these will save you lots of money in the long run and will make your home more eco-friendly. Make sure to turn off the lights if you are not using a room – this will also save you a lot of money on your energy bills.