5 reasons that your garage door isn’t working

Understanding why your garage door isn’t working is the key to fixing it. There are many reasons why it may not work, and establishing the problem first will allow you determine the solution required to fix the door. If you are in any doubt how to fix it yourself, contact professionals to get your door back up and running quickly and smoothly.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why your door may not be working.

Battery replacement

It sounds obvious, but your garage door may not work due to the batteries in the door transmitter being dead. Check your transmitter batteries to see if a signal is being sent to your door. Try the transmitter located on a wall inside the garage to see if the door still opens when pressed. If so, your car transmitter may need its batteries changing.

Photo eye misalignment

If your door opens but will not close, it may be your photo eye sensors on either side of the garage door that transmit an invisible beam between themselves, are dirty or out of alignment.

Over time, these sensors become dirty, blocking the light beam, or even misaligned, resulting in the eyes not matching up on either side of the garage door. Use a soft clean cloth and streak-free cleaner to gently remove any dirt. Check the alignment.

Track misaligned

The metal track your garage door runs on must be aligned correctly for it to move. If you can identify bends in the rails, or gaps between the rail and rollers, you have a problem. The heavy door compounds these alignment issues and can make the door potentially dangerous. If this is the case, contact a professional garage door repair company, such as http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/ for expert advice, service or even a new garage door.

Transmitter issues

Problems with your antenna can include being out of range, something blocking the antenna inside the garage, or the antenna itself being damaged. For garage door repairs London has a superb choice of professionals. Beware of rogue traders, though, http://www.dhfonline.org.uk/news.aspx?NewsArticleId=188.

Objects blocking the door’s path

Ensure there is no build-up of debris on the garage floor blocking the tracks, or in the way of the photo eye sensors. Check all the tracks for grit or mud and rub them down regularly to prevent them getting clogged up.