5 Great Reasons to Rent a Generator

There are plenty of reasons why a generator is a great investment. But sometimes renting makes sense, whether you then decide to buy or not. Here are five great reasons to try renting first before you make that purchasing decision.

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Try Before You Buy

Even if you are considering purchasing a generator in the long run, renting one first is the savvy way to make sure that a generator meets your needs. In turn you’ll save on making a costly mistake.

You’ll Save Money

It’s often cheaper to rent equipment than to buy, especially if you don’t intend to use your generator more than a handful of times a year. If you’re running an event or need a generator for a short-term project, then rental is the smart choice.

Remember, you’re not just saving on the cost of the generator itself but also the ongoing costs like maintenance and storage. Opt for generator rental from a company like http://www.newburnpowerrental.com/ and you’ll make some big savings.

Fast Response

Rental generators are a great back-up to emergency generators in the event of a disaster where the primary generator gets knocked out. If there’s a warning out for a natural disaster, renting a generator can help you maintain power until the worst is over.

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The Right Size for the Job

Get it wrong when you’re purchasing a generator and you may end up out of pocket. With a generator rental you can size the generator exactly to the demands of the equipment you need for a specific project. Plus you’ll have a team of professionals as back-up if you encounter any issues during your rental period.

This flexibility makes generator hire the smart choice when you only need a generator for a one-off event.

Less maintenance

Owning your own generator has some hidden costs, not least those associated with servicing, repairing and maintaining your equipment. That can cost in terms of man hours or hiring a technician to make sure your generator is running smoothly.

When you rent a generator you’re not only saving on the hidden costs but the equipment you hire will ne high performance, reliable and well maintained – any rental company would be out of business fast if they rented sub-standard equipment. Pick the right company and you’ll get a great deal on your generator hire.