5 common sewing mistakes and how to fix them

Until recently, most of us would have laughed at the thought of sewing up a new skirt or maybe a new pair of curtains for the front room, but a recent growth in interest in all types of sewing means many of us are taking the plunge and enjoying a new and very useful hobby.

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Much of the current interest has been driven by social media, and many are turning to needlework not just as a useful skill to have but as a fun and relaxing hobby, as this article in the Guardian newspaper illustrates. Professional fashion industries such as https://www.tempted.ie/dresses-plus-size-ladies-clothing-from-tempted-raheny-dublin-ireland/day-dress.html who offer Plus Size Dresses know how important it is to use quality material and individuals who know what they are doing.

When sewing, there is a chance you might make a mistake. If you take your time and keep checking as you work your way through a project, you will mostly avoid errors. Nevertheless, here are five common mistakes and what to do to fix them.

Zipper sewn in backwards

Completely annoying and frustrating, this is a mistake you need to unpick completely and start again. Next time, be sure to check, double-check and triple-check your zip position to avoid the hassle.

Cut fabric that should have been on the fold

When cutting out patterns, sometimes a piece should run over the fold. In this case, you could look to add some kind of join or seam, or perhaps an extra strip of contrasting fabric. The only other option is to add it to your scraps pile and start again.

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When sourcing new material, such as cotton poplin fabric, you could consider ordering online. Buttonhole on wrong side

If you’ve sewn the buttonhole on the wrong side of the garment, an easy fix is just to live with it. Sew the button on the opposite side and get used to fastening the opposite way.

Batting on outside

When sewing something with a padding or insulation layer, often referred to as batting fabric, it can be almost soul-destroying to spend time sewing three layers together only to find the batting has ended on the outside. Sadly, you’ll have to unstitch and re-sew. It’s best to check the layers are in the correct order before lifting your needle.

Wrong side out

Similar to the previous mistake, if you sew the material so that the wrong side of the fabric is on the outside of the garment, you’ll have to unstitch and redo.