4 Interesting New Medical Gadgets and Treatments

New medical treatments and gadgets are constantly being tested by Clinical Research Associates from G and L Scientific and every once in a while, one of these new treatments make a huge impact in medical history. The research process may be a long journey, but for some of these advancements, the light at the end of the tunnel is extremely bright.

4 Interesting New Medical Gadgets and Treatments

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Thanks to clinical trials that infinitely prove the safety and effectiveness of new medical technologies, we are constantly faced with better health solutions and treatments. Just take a look at these five fascinating medical breakthroughs:

  1. Defeat Migraine Pain

How many times have you had to suffer the pain of an intense migraine? Migraines are often brought about by stress, but they can also be a sign of something far more sinister under the radar. Thanks to new technology, people can now treat these migraines with a simple head band. The band itself is designed to stimulate nerves using electrical signals or magnetic energy. This device has been approved by the FDA and many people are benefiting from its unusual but effective powers.

  1. Health Watches

We have all heard of the smart watch. It doesn’t just tell the time, but it can also record our calorie loss when we exercise, our heart rate, our pulse and many other health factors. The Apple Smartwatch, for example, logs your heart rate and footsteps to provide you with relevant feedback and suggestions that can help you to track and improve your general health.

  1. Hepatitis C Cure

This fatal disease kills approximately 15,000 Americans each year. According to Health.com, a new treatment has entered the market in the form of a pill. This pill cures up to 90% of patients suffering from Hep C. This has been a literal lifesaving medical marvel, proving that new medical devices and drugs etc. are constantly making a real impact on people’s lives.

  1. Clever Pregnancy Tests

Once upon a time, pregnancy tests were barely reliable, giving plus and minus signs can sometimes be confusing to interpret correctly. However, since Clearblue came up with their fascinating pregnancy test that can tell expecting mothers how far along they are, women are given more accurate results that they can depend on.