Vintage fashion trends to get behind in 2018

They say fashion comes and goes but style is forever. And that’s the beauty of vintage trends. Tried and tested, these repeats are the ones we decided are worth another viewing. They’re yesterdays big hits re-mastered for today’s audience but just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean it’s cool. You need to get behind the logic as to why some vintage items re-trend while others simply die. So here’s our guide to what’s alive and kicking in 2018.

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High waists

Because these disappeared for the entire first decade of the new century, they seem vintage but high waists are actually classic. Despite a few fashion moments when they become taboo, they are always stylish thanks to the skinny waist and shapely rear they offer. So next time the look goes out, know it’s coming back in a couple of years again, and hold on to your stuff.

Big glasses

Another here today, back again tomorrow, big frames are extremely flattering and shape the face in a way hairstyles only wish they could. Like a nice piece of vintage furniture, a good pair of big glasses, either sunglasses or reading glasses, draws attention to add interest.

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Converse trainers

They’re casual shoes but they make your feet look long and delicate, what more could you ask for? Over the years, Converse have been issued in pastels, block colours and patterns, so there’s no shortage of looks to go for. They also make great home statement pieces. So if you’re the kind of home decorator shopping at, a well-placed pair of vintage Converse trainers might be something to consider.

Promotional and work t-shirts

Back in the days before disposable fashion, clothing was much more expensive and lots of young people wore what they had instead of spending good money. T-shirts from employers functioned as free clothing and if the brand was cool enough, brought kudos along with it. So it’s no wonder in a more eco-fashion conscious era we’re looking again at recycled work Ts.

Real wool jackets

The same can be said of quality wool jackets and cardigans. Woven or tightly knitted wool is extremely long lasting and showing itself on the backs of the fashionistas this year. Showing you’re against disposable fashion has never been so cool, so now’s the time to embrace everything vintage.